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Dolphins make a splash at sailing club


A group of junior Tenby sailors had some new recruits at their club last night - a pod of dolphins swimming off the West Wales coast

The bottlenose dolphins swam under and between the dinghies, keen to join in with the children of Tenby sailing club.


Dolphins are not unheard of off the Welsh coast, but no-one in the sailing club had ever experienced this before.

The dolphins jumped and splashed around the boats for more than a quarter of an hour.

The kids were ecstatic.

It was our last junior sailing evening of the season, just an informal session thrown onto the end. There were a few people who didn’t go, who really wished afterwards they had.

We saw movement as we headed out, but just assumed it was seals. Then we saw they were dolphins and they started following us, at one point they were throwing mackerel around – none of us had seen anything like that so close before.

They were following us, brushing up against the boats and jumping within two feet of them, until it was getting too late for us to stay out.

It was an incredible experience for everyone involved, the sort of thing people pay a lot of money to see, and it just happened out of the blue for us.

– Max Richards, assistant instructor