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McCauley Cox, 19, jailed for 12 years for Newport hit-and-run

McCauley Cox drove into a crowd out people injuring two women outside a Nightclub

A man who drove his car at a group of people outside a nightclub in Newport seriously injuring two women has been jailed for 12 years.

McCauley Cox, 19, was sitting in his Ford C-Max outside the Courtyard nightclub in Newport on April 29 when a fight broke out.

Newport Crown Court was shown CCTV footage of the women being run over.

Cox drove his car into the crowd in an attempt to help his friends who were involved in the fight.

He then hit two people sitting on the kerb, reversing back over them, driving over them again before speeding away from the scene.

Two women were seriously injured in the incident.

One required a skin graft and received multiple burns from the tyres while another suffered a severe spleen injury.

Cox denied two counts of causing grievous bodily harm with intent but was convicted by a jury at Newport Crown Court.

He has been sentenced to 12 years in a young offenders' institution and the judge said he should also be disqualified from driving for five years.

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Speaking after the trial, two of the women who suffered injuries released a joint statement saying they feel "very lucky that the consequences were not worse."

One required a skin graft and received multiple burns from the tyres while another suffered a severe spleen injury.

Two women suffered life-changing injuries during the incident Credit: Gwent Police

We had planned a night out in the city, like every girl our age does most weekends. We did not expect anything like this to happen to us. We were innocent people trying to have a good time.

The actions of McCauley Cox have changed our lives and this is not an over exaggeration.This was a horrific ordeal and is not something you ever think will happen to yourself or to your best friend.

Not only have we both suffered significant physical injuries, we have also suffered psychological injuries. When a life-changing event like this happens to you, your whole world is turned upside down. Both of us have had to seek out counselling to try and overcome issues such as anxiety and PTSD.

– Sophie Poole and Emma Nicholls

McCauley Cox used his vehicle as a weapon and caused an incident which left his victims with serious injuries.

The CPS showed in court that his actions in driving his car into the crowd and reversing over those injured on two occasions amounted to this serious offence.

Evidence included CCTV footage showing the incident and its aftermath where Cox showed no regard for those he had injured.

Our thoughts are with the victims as they recover from their injuries.

– Kelly Huggins, Crown Prosecution Service