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Bees make the most of warm Summer to deliver a boost to honey crop

Credit: Lisa Ducret/DPA/PA Images

Bees have been making honey while the sun shines, with a bigger crop from hives this year due to the good summer, an annual survey reveals.

The bad weather of the Beast from the East that hit the UK in the spring did not harm honeybees, which went on to make the most of the long, warm summer with a honey crop that was up by a third this year.

But beekeepers are urging people to plant flowers to feed pollinators to help boost honey yields, as well as being good for other pollinating insects and the birds that feed on them.

Wales had exceptional improvements in the honey yield, nearly doubling from last year's average per hive to 31.4lb due to the good weather. That is according to the British Beekeepers Association annual honey survey.

Spring blossom came and went exceptionally quickly this year, which was a worry at the time, but the long, warm summer more than made up for it and was great for our honeybees.

– Calwyn Glastonbury, Usk beekeeper

A crop of 30lb per hive is considered small compared to yields a few decades ago, the association said, but it pointed to new and encouraging farming practices that could help honeybees and other insects.