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Fixing potholes in Wales 'should be priority over building new roads'

Credit: ITV Wales

Fixing potholes on Wales' roads should be a priority over building new ones, according to a Welsh Assembly committee.

The Assembly's Economy, Infrastructure and Skills Committee concluded that a lack of money and priority for repairs is a problem and a long-term plan is needed to solve the issue.

Last year, severe weather from Storm Emma led to increased damage on the roads with councils now facing a backlog.

The report recommends that the forthcoming Wales Transport Strategy should prioritise the maintenance of the existing road network instead of building new roads.

The report also recommends that the Welsh Government establishes a committee of road-building experts to advise on techniques and materials that could save money on road maintenance.

Russell George AM, Chair of the Economy, Infrastructure and Skills Committee, said the roads are vital to Wales' economy.

The condition of Welsh roads are a matter of great importance to all of us, whether we drive, cycle or take the bus we are all road users. The everyday things that sustain us, including much of our food, is transported on the roads and keep the economy moving

– Russell George AM, Chair of the Economy, Infrastructure and Skills Committee

The Welsh Government will now consider the suggestions made in the report.