Welsh Government announces extra £20m for NHS this winter

Credit: PA

The Welsh Government has released £20m to support the Welsh NHS this winter.

But how far will this go?

Let's put it into some context.

The total Welsh NHS budget is around £7bn. £20m equates to just under 0.3%.

But any extra money for the NHS will be welcomed by frontline staff.

The Welsh Government says that this money is to help the NHS and "its partners in Wales through the busy winter period."

So when you take into account that this money is going to be divided many more ways than just between health boards (charities, social care providers etc), the cash is spread thinner.

The other point to highlight are the words "busy winter period." The Welsh Government isn't wrong here, but speak to many doctors in Wales and they'll say its just as busy as winter, the whole year round. One once referred to working in the Welsh NHS as 'Narnia' - a reference to the fictional world that experienced a hundred-year winter.

The health secretary Vaughan Gething says the cash injection will be spent on a wide variety of measures - including helping people to access care closer to home, ensuring there is sufficient available hospital capacity, and extending GP access into evenings and weekends.