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Dumped dogs 'worst case ever seen' by Swansea rescue centre

The sanctuary feared the animals might have to be put down. Credit: Woodfield Animal Sanctuary

Two dogs abandoned by a roadside were in the "worst state ever seen" by a local animal rescue sanctuary.

The animals were dumped in a lay-by near Swansea Airport before being rescued by a local sanctuary. Their feet had become virtually webbed after an estimated "six or seven years" without grooming.

Credit: Woodfield Animal Sancutary

Couple David and Robbie Bartington run the Woodfield Animal Sanctuary, which rescued the animals.

Robbie Bartington said: “We were alerted to the abandoned dogs by a friend, and we hope to give them a home for the rest of their lives, but they were in an horrendous state.

“Their hair was matted for about a foot in length, and was so long I don’t think a vet’s clippers would have worked on them.

"They were very nervous with hair matted into their skin".

A local dog groomer came out of retirement to help clean up the animals after the sanctuary put out an urgent plea on Facebook. Despite the dogs' ordeal, the sanctuary says both are "super friendly".

Both dogs are settling in to their new home. Credit: Woodfield Animal Sanctuary

The animals are now settling in to their new home at the sanctuary. Robbie Bartington said: "They will stay with me for their whole life! They slept on my bed last night!".

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