Poll suggests contest to be next First Minister has had little impact on voters

Less than a quarter of Welsh voters have a preference between the three Labour politicians campaigning to become the next First Minister, an ITV Cymru Wales poll has found. Pollsters YouGov asked people which of the Welsh Labour leadership candidates would make the best First Minister. Most answered that they didn't know, with the reply "none of them" also more popular than any candidate.

  • Eluned Morgan 9%

  • Vaughan Gething 8%

  • Mark Drakeford 5%

  • None of them 21%

  • Don't know 57%

The position was little different when voters who don't support Labour were excluded. The was the response from Labour voters (people who said they would cast their list votes for Labour in an Assembly election).

  • Eluned Morgan 15%

  • Vaughan Gething 9%

  • Mark Drakeford 9%

  • None of them 10%

  • Don't know 58%

The choice will actually be made by members in Wales of the Labour party and affiliated trade unions and other organisations. Voting, which will mostly be on line, begins this Friday, 9 November, with the result declared 6 December.