Should Wales have used Prince Charles to market itself around the world?

Prince Charles Credit: ITV Wales

Wales could have achieved 'a lot more' had it worked more with Prince Charles to promote itself over the last six decades. That's the view of the Welsh Government's Culture Minister who hints the Prince feels the same.

Lord Dafydd Elis-Thomas, a friend of the Prince, was speaking to ITV Wales as part of a programme looking at Wales' relationship with the heir to the throne.

Prince turns 70 next week and 2018 also marks sixty years since he became Prince of Wales.

Dafydd Elis Thomas says Wales could have used the Prince more Credit: ITV Wales
Investiture of Prince Charles in 1969. He became Prince of Wales in 1958. Credit: PA

But others disagree, Plaid Cymru's Bethan Sayed says Wales doesn't need any member of the Royal Family to promote it.

Bethan Sayed wants a debate on the future of the Monarchy Credit: ITV Wales

Tonight Portrait of a Prince [8pm ITV Wales] looks at the sometimes difficult relationship between Prince Charles and Wales from the protests over the investiture to the renaming of the Second Severn Crossing.