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More than 200,000 sign petition to ban sale of fireworks to public

More than 200,000 people have singed a petition to ban the sale of fireworks to the public following concerns over the dangers involved.

Four-year-old Rosie May was hospitalised last year after a firework hit her in the neck at a friend's display in their garden.

Her mother has joined calls to ban the sale of fireworks to prevent injuries.

People think they're just having fun but the reality of it is that they're explosives, they are dangerous. It can change lives of little ones and of entire families.

Rosie had burns going from the middle of her neck to her ear. She had singed eyelashes, singed fringe, lots of oozing of the sores. It wasn't nice to see your little girl in that way and not being able to take it away.

– Ellie Mason, Rosie's mother

There have also been growing calls for graphic images on firework packages because of the number of people ending up with injuries in A&E 'doubling'.

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Despite awareness campaigns and repeated safety warnings issued each year, a significant number of life-altering injuries occur across the UK every winter, particularly among those who are not attending organised events.

Research carried out by YouGov found that 68% of UK parents would support the introduction of graphic warnings on firework packaging.