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Welcome home banner for WW1 soldier who died to go on display

A 'Welcome Home' banner, made for a soldier who never returned from the battlefield during World War One, is to go on public display.

Cpl. Jones' nephew, Martyn Wynne Jones, with the banner Credit: Media Wales

Harold Jones, a coal miner from Wrexham, was just 21 years old when he died of his injuries in France on November 8, 1918 - just three days before the end of the First World War.

Sadly, his parents did not hear of his death until after they had already made him a banner to welcome him home.

"My grandparents heard that the war was ending and as they hadn't heard anything about Harold they naturally assumed he would be coming home safe so they made him this banner to welcome him back.

"My grandfather refused to allow them to display it until they were certain he was coming home, which he never did.

"It's rather unique I feel - any other banner to welcome men home would have been discarded once they returned, but this one was stored away and sadly never used."

– Martyn Wynne Jones, Cpl Jones' nephew

Mr Jones is planning on bringing the banner to Rhos War Memorial in Wrexham today to commemorate Cpl. Jones' life.