Mark Drakeford on drugs, the monarchy and his vision for Wales, as he launches his manifesto

Mark Drakeford launches his leadership manifesto Credit: ITV Wales

Mark Drakeford has launched his manifesto pledging 21st century socialism if he succeeds Carwyn Jones.

Among his policies are a commitment to extending the smoking ban, curbing the gig economy and to promote green industries.

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He denied he was anti big business, saying new companies like Uber and Deliveroo were welcome in Wales but he would make sure " those new emerging businesses operate in a way that is fair to the people who work for them."

The manifesto also calls for the smoking ban to be extended to outdoor areas of cafes, restaurants and city and town centres. A proposal to ban the use of e-cigarettes in enclosed public spaces wasn't included but he said it could potentially happen in the future.

In an interview with ITV Wales, the current Finance Secretary admitted taking illegal drugs at university, but nothing stronger than cannabis.

He also doesn't support the monarchy, having been a republican since the age of 14. If he wins the leadership and becomes First Minister he will have a working relationship with the Royal Family but doesn't feel his views will be an issue.

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Mark Drakeford is fighting against Eluned Morgan and Vaughan Gething to become the next leader. The results will be announced in December.