A mum who lost her twin babies within a week of being born has said she wants to celebrate their short lives rather than focus on the loss.

Hannah Beverley, 30, has spoken about the ordeal just days after losing her "beautiful babies".

Max Arthur and Nel Martha were 16 weeks premature when they lost their short battles for life.

Hannah and Thomas with their son Max Arthur.

Hannah and her husband Thomas, 30, who live in Colwyn Bay, discovered Hannah was expecting in June of this year, and said: "We were over the moon."

After some early issues, Hannah's pregnancy progressed smoothly and the couple were delighted to learn they were expecting twins.

Everything came back normal and we progressed through the summer happily and excitedly sharing our news.

Hannah Beverley

But after 22 weeks things started to go wrong and Hannah was taken to hospital.

Doctors at Glan Clwyd Hospital were able to perform a "cervical cerclage", a procedure which aims to prevent labour.

I was wheeled to theatre and given a spinal anaesthetic while the doctor attempted the stitch. I wasn't aware at the time but I was fully dilated, fully effaced and the membranes were bulging so the procedure was almost impossible.

Hannah Beverley

Hannah stayed at Glan Clwyd until she was 23 weeks pregnant before being transferred to Arrowe Park Hospital on the Wirral.

After 24 weeks and four days of pregnancy, Hannah went into labour and daughter Nel Martha was born weighing 1lb 5oz and son Max Arthur was born seven minutes later weighing 1lb 6oz.

Baby Nel Martha who died a week after being born prematurely.

We were able to visit them a couple of hours later and seeing them in their tiny incubators, surrounded by beeping machines and alarms was overwhelming and frightening. Our babies were absolutely perfect, just so, so tiny.

Hannah Beverley

The couple were woken up in the night to be given the news that Max was seriously ill.

They were called to the intensive care unit where they found doctors performing CPR on Max as they tried to save his life.

Doctors managed to restart his heart, giving grandparents Gordon, Julie, James and Sandy the chance to meet their grandchild.

But Max could not be saved and he died on October 24.

It was clear that Max was slipping away and we made the decision to allow him to die in his mummy's arms rather than in the plastic box. We were able to tell him how much he was wanted and loved and how proud we are of him and he died peacefully with his family around him.

Hannah Beverley

After losing their son, the couple watched on as their daughter Nel battled with "strength and resilience" to stay alive.

But she also started to deteriorate after showing signs of infection.

Hannah Beverley with her Nel Martha.

Exactly a week after Max's death, we made the decision to take her out of her incubator to die in her mummy's arms.

Hannah Beverley

Nel Martha died on October 31.

Despite their devastation, Hannah said she and Thomas want to focus on the positives.

We are blessed that we got to spend 22 precious hours with our beautiful boy and seven days, 12 hours with our gorgeous girl.

Hannah Beverley

Hannah added that they were "so grateful" for the help from staff at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd and Arrowe Park Hospital, as well as Ronald McDonald House.

She added that the couple wanted to thank family and friends for their "love and support".

Max and Nel's funerals will take place this Wednesday.