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Tiger Budi has root canal treatment at National Zoo of Wales

Budi the tiger had top class treatment from Dr Peter Kertesz. Credit: Welsh Mountain Zoo

A Sumatran tiger from the Welsh Mountain Zoo has been treated for toothache.

Budi the tiger was in the dentist's chair for five hours as internationally renowned animal dentist, Dr Peter Kertesz, carried out root canal treatment. Dr Kertesz has been practising for over 40 years and cares for the teeth of children and adults but also specialises in Zoological Dentistry.

Dr Kertesz said it was 'always a pleasure' to visit the Welsh Mountain Zoo. Credit: Welsh Mountain Zoo

Keepers at the zoo in Colwyn Bay spotted Budi's snapped tooth and noticed he was "in some pain." Director at the zoo, Nick Jackson, said “Our keepers check the teeth of our animals regularly. We naturally become aware of their personality traits and habits and could see that Budi was in some pain."

Set up for the procedure took three hours, Budi was gently sedated before undergoing a two hour operation.