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Cardiff Council second highest in UK for bus fines issued

84,000 fines were issued in Wales in 2017. Credit: PA

Cardiff Council issued £5.6 million pounds in bus lane fines last year, the second highest in the country.

Figures obtained through a Freedom of Information request by comparison site show only Glasgow Council issued more fines. Across Wales as a whole, Cardiff made up the most penalties issued. Approximately 95% of bus lane fines in Wales were issued by Cardiff Council.

Fines issued across Wales.
Fines issues in Cardiff alone.

In a survey 62% of motorists in Wales who were hit with a fine said they were confused and drove in a bus lane unknowingly.

Some drivers are now calling for the money made from bus fines to be put into making bus lane signage clearer, and say this may reduce the amount of confusion.

Bus fines in Wales averaged at £70 per penalty.

A spokesperson for Cardiff Council said the income from bus lane fines already "funds the operational cost of parking and enforcement." The council said any additional profit is put into a "parking reserve account" used "to support transport services, off streeting parking and highway improvements."

The parking reserve account has helped support a number of improvements including installing disabled bays; implementing the new 20mph areas in the city; keep clear zones by schools and safe access to school schemes; highway improvements and bus lanes; cycling partnerships; the operation to remove off road bikes from public land; upgrading car parks including pay and display facilities and implementing the Moving Traffic Offences Scheme.

– Cardiff Council Spokesperson