Anti-Brexit protester from Port Talbot repeatedly crashing TV interviews says he won't stop 'unless Brexit is stopped'

An anti-Brexit protester who can regularly be seen in the background of live TV reports from outside Parliament says he will only stop if there is a People's Vote and "once we've stopped Brexit".

Steve Bray, from Port Talbot, can regularly be seen in the background of television interviews on College Green outside Westminster - the area where journalists often report from.

He has become a notable figure after protesting for two years but his TV appearances have become more regular in recent days due to the ongoing Brexit saga.

Mr Bray appears to have mastered camera shot changes after he was spotted persistently moving in between them in an interview on the BBC news channel.

Mr Bray said he has received death threats - both in person and online - but said it's "in one ear, out the other with me".

A video of Mr Bray trying his best to crash a BBC news interview has gone viral on social media Credit: PA Images

"It's just part and parcel of the protest.

"Brexit is very divisive."

Mr Bray said he had to time his TV interruptions to avoid police attention.

"I have to be careful. They do call the police, and the police just remove me.

"So, I've learnt from that. I just go in quick, do a little bit, get off. Keep going back and forth.

"I've been here now for over 16 months.

"It's part of the protest. It's getting the message out there.

"Sometimes people post the pictures on Facebook and I'll have a look. It's not about me personally, it's about the message - Remain."

Whether people agree with Mr Bray's political views or not, his dogged determination has been praised by many on social media.