Highly-sensitive airport scanner that screens people on the move piloted to cut airport queues

A passenger scanner that reveals hidden security threats is being trialled at Cardiff Airport.

The highly-sensitive walk-through scanner, uses space technology to image human body heat developed by Cardiff University scientists.

It is able to see a light bulb at a distance of 500,000 miles - twice the distance to the Moon.

The university claims the technology has the potential to cut queues at airport terminals as it screens people on the move.

The scanner quickly "learns" the difference between items that can and cannot be taken onto an aircraft, reducing the risk of false alarms which inconvenience passengers and slow down screening.

Credit: Cardiff University

Cardiff Airport was bought by Welsh Government for £52m in 2013. Nearly 1.5m passengers passed through the airport in 2017. The trial of the passenger scanner in December represents a first for Wales.