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Man died after mistaking cleaning fluid for squash

Mr Doidge died after mistaking the liquid for squash Credit: Wales News Service

A 59-year-old man died after mistaking purple pipe-cleaning liquid in a bottle for squash.

Hotelier Langdon Doidge, drank the dangerous alkaline cleaner which was kept in the fridge near the blackcurrant cordial after a night out.

An inquest heard how Mr Doidge accidentally mixed up the dark purple cleaning liquid, which was in a Robinson's squash bottle, for Ribena.

He was rushed to hospital but died 19 days later from multiple organ failure.

PC Kerry Thomas Young told how investigating officers found the bottles in Mr Doidge's fridge when they visited his home after he died.

“There was an opened bottle of Ribena cordial alongside another Robinson’s bottle,'' he said.

A glass was also discovered that contained purple residue from his drink.

Mr Doidge, who owned Langdons Hotel in Roath, Cardiff, used the liquid to clear pipes in his hotel bar.

The inquest heard Mr Doidge had put some in a squash bottle at his apartment in Cardiff Bay. His son Lewis told the inquest that his father was a keen motorcyclist and used the fluid on his motorbike.

Lewis said his father would wake up at 6am and go to work but would often go to the pub at 4pm and stay out until late.

Mr Doidge died in the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff in August 19 days after drinking the solution.

Coroner Sarah Richards recorded a conclusion that Mr Doidge’s death was misadventure at the inquest in Pontypridd, South Wales.

She said: “Mr Langdon Wayne Doidge was a motorcycle enthusiast who inhaled alkaline associated with cleaning products.

“He returned home after an evening of drinking and drank the alkaline after mistaking it for a soft drink.

“He was admitted to hospital but sustained multi-organ failure and died of his injuries.”