Man with terminal cancer sells tickets to his own funeral to raise money for charity

Credit: ITV Wales

A man with terminal cancer is selling tickets to his own funeral to raise awareness and funds for research.

Keith Cass was diagnosed with prostate cancer twelve years ago.

''I thought that's it, my life has gone,'' he said.

''My thoughts at that time were, I'm never going to see another birthday, I'm not going to see another Christmas. My three-year-old grandson will not remember me.

"But really it was just beginning. I set up the Red Sock campaign in 2007 because I wanted to help those diagnosed with prostate cancer, and the carers as well, because they needed special care.''

Keith's campaigning has helped thousands of men by raising awareness of the disease. Now, with the help of his sister Pauline, Keith is preparing for his final goodbye with one last fundraising effort.

Keith and his sister Pauline Credit: ITV Wales

Those with tickets to Keith's funeral can expect something a bit different, with all the money going towards equipment for cancer patients and funding more research.

''I want it to be the best, and the most different funeral,'' Keith said.

'There'll be a gold room, a silver room and there'll be a bronze room. I'm going to prerecord the whole thing, so that I can lead the whole thing.

''I want them to go away sailing. I want them to go away and say, 'Keith made a difference.'"