Neil Warnock says he would happily follow in Harry Redknapp's footsteps and head into the I’m A Celebrity Jungle.

The 70 year old Cardiff City boss, who has headed a record eight league promotions, brought the Bluebirds back to the Premier League last season but is now considering swapping life at the club for time with the critters, snakes and crawlies in the jungle.

Having watched long-time colleague Redknapp steal the nations’ hearts with his cheeky demeanour and tales of life at the top of English football Warnock has become a regular viewer of the ITV show.

“That’s Harry. That’s how we are.” Warnock said.

“I think football humour in the jungle is a blessing really, it’s something that lifts everybody.

“It’s how we are people like him and me. We’ve all got stories haven’t we. Age doesn’t stop that really."

As one of British football’s most divisive characters over a career spanning 38 years the former Sheffield United, QPR and Leeds boss admits he is perfect jungle material given his history with fans.

The idea has also caught on amongst his squad of Premier League stars who he says have already caught on to the possibility.

“I imagine I’ll be in that next year! The lads have put my face on Harry’s body in the dressing room window so it’s one of those thing isn’t it.

“I don’t think I’d be scared or anything like that.

“The problem I’d have is that I’d be doing everything wouldn’t I because I’d get every vote to do every horrible thing there could be.

“It would be payback time so they’d have to pay me 10 times more than what they’ve paying anyone else wouldn’t they.”