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Poll: Overwhelming majority in Wales want MPs to reject May's Brexit deal

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Forty eight per cent of Welsh voters would want MPs to reject Theresa May's current Brexit deal, a poll has found.

The meaningful vote was due take place on Tuesday, but the prime minister confirmed on Monday that the vote had been called off.

MPs could still reject the motion the government has made to shelve the vote, allowing it to go ahead as planned.

First Minister Carwyn Jones said the delay was a "shambles" which was "too polite a word" and called for a people's vote.

Shambles is too polite a word for what we have seen today from the Prime Minister. The future economic security of this country is being sacrificed on the altar of her party’s needs. This cannot carry on.

If the Prime Minister cannot bring forward a deal that commands the support of Parliament, there needs to be a general election.

If there isn’t a general election, there needs to be a people’s vote on the terms on which the UK leaves - or if the country wishes to remain.

– Carwyn Jones AM, First Minister
48% of voters want MPs to vote down Theresa May's deal Credit: ITV Wales
  • On Theresa May's withdrawal agreement:

Less than a quarter of people questioned wanted their MP to support the Prime Minister's deal with the EU and nearly half said it should be rejected.

Theresa May has said the deal she has negotiated with the EU is the 'best deal for the British people' Credit: PA Images
Don't know
  • So what would they like to see happen next?
The YouGov poll shows 31% of voters would prefer to stay in the EU and have no Brexit at all Credit: PA Images

Voters were offered a variety of options on what should happen next in the Brexit negotiations. Fifteen percent said Theresa May's deal is the best option, with 12% saying they would want a better deal with the EU.

31% of voters answered staying in the EU would now be the best option.

  • Theresa May's deal 15%
  • Try to get a better deal 12%
  • Leave the EU with no deal 17%
  • No Brexit: Stay in the EU 31%
  • A Referendum on the deal 7%
  • Something else/Don't know 18%

Seven percent said another referendum is the way forward. That increases to 41% if a referendum is the only option but 46% would still be against the idea. Eighteen percent said they didn't know.

Credit: PA Images
  • On another referendum

These figures exclude those who don't know or say that they wouldn't vote. It appears that it would be a lot less close if the choice was simply between taking the deal on offer or leaving the EU without a deal.

  • Brexit: Deal or No Deal?
Leave with a deal
Leave without a deal
A 'Brexit betrayal' march took place in London at the weekend led by controversial activist Tommy Robinson Credit: PA Images

The poll also found most Welsh voters think it could soon be too late for the Prime Minister - and that if MPs don't back her deal tomorrow night, 46% think she should resign. Thirty five percent said she should stay and 19% answered 'don't know'.

Whenever the vote takes place, is is thought the majority of MPs from Wales are expected to vote against the deal. Most Welsh Conservatives will vote in favour but a some have said that they will oppose the government, as will all Welsh Labour and Plaid Cymru MPs.

  • YouGov polled a representative sample of 1,024 Welsh adults on 4-7 December 2018.