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My teenager and his Down's syndrome - 'James allows you to step back and look at the world in a different way'

James with his older brother Daniel and younger sister Emily on his 13th birthday Credit: Kate Harris

James Harris is like any other teenager.

He loves swimming, riding his bike, and playing with his older brother.

James enjoys riding his bike and being active Credit: Kate Harris

James was born with Down's syndrome and his mother has spoken to ITV News about wanting to challenge perceptions about raising a child with the condition.

Credit: Kate Harris

I was giving him a cuddle and saying hello and I knew when I looked into his face he had Down's syndrome.

But we just thought, 'let's get on, let's enjoy this.

We just decided to roll with it, I suppose, is the expression.

– Kate Harris

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When James was born, Kate said her and her husband "didn't have anywhere near the amount of social media and online support that there is now for parents".

James and his older brother Daniel were born just 18 months apart Credit: Kate Harris

"Day-to-day life being shown through the eyes of parents in their blogs and vlogs which shows that a person with Down's syndrome in your family is not something to be fearful of".

Kate and her family are part of the 'Wouldn't Change a Thing' campaign which aims to challenge outdated perceptions about people living with Down's syndrome.

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James has taught us that love is completely unconditional.

When you have your little one it really doesn't matter whether they've got a third chromosome 21 or not - you'll love them no matter what.

– Kate Harris
Kate says having James in the family has allowed them to 'step back and look at the world in a different way' Credit: Kate Harris