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Witness appeal after steam train to meet Santa hits dogs

Police are appealing for witnesses following the collision between a train and a pack of dogs in Llangollen.

Families had enjoyed a day out on the 'Santa Special' from Llangollen Station to Carrog on a decorated steam train.

A spokesman for Llangollen Railway described Sunday's incident as "highly regrettable".

The trip saw children meeting Santa when they got off at Carrog station.

Charlene Jones had been on the train, which left the station at 1.35pm, with her husband Martin and two young children Emily and Seren, along with some friends, ahead of her 35th birthday tomorrow.

We were on the carriage and my husband hung his head out of the window when he saw animals had been hit.

One had been hit from the back end and was completely paralysed.

The train staff went down to do what they could.

The train stopped suddenly, and anyone who had not originally seen it was looking out the window to see animals yelping.There was loads of little children.

We were quite far at the back but knew what was going on.

My children had seen it.

There were children sobbing everywhere. The atmosphere just completely changed.

It was a beautiful day, people had been singing and it was joyous, the children had been to see Santa and there were jesters coming up and down to entertain everyone, but all of a sudden it just went silent.

The train stopped and it could not move on until they had the go ahead from head office. We were there for around 45 minutes.

I have to say the Llangollen Railway were wonderful. It was a great day with a sad ending.

– Charlene Jones, witness

North Wales Polices said it was looking for any witnesses to contact them on 101.

Statements have been taken from the railway staff and other witnesses are being sought.

Our enquiries are continuing in order to identify those in control of the dogs at the time of the collision.

– Insp Rob Rands, North Wales Police