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Elderly neighbour passes away leaving little girl 14 years of presents

Ken Watson, 87, packed away presents for little Cadi Williams. Credit: Owen Williams

An elderly neighbour carried out an act of kindness before he died - by buying the little girl next door Christmas presents for the next 14 years.

Retired diver Ken Watson, 87, adored little Cadi Williams next door and started packing away presents in his home.

After he died, Cadi's parents Owen and Caroline Williams, from Barry, were brought to tears when the presents were delivered to their door.

The gifts will last until two-year-old Cadi is sixteen years old.

Ken's daughter discovered the presents and took them next door.

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She was clutching this big bag plastic sack and I thought it was rubbish she was going to ask me to throw out.

But she said it was everything her dad had put away for Cadi. It was all of the Christmas presents he had bought for her.

I brought it back in and my wife was on FaceTime to her mum in Ireland. My wife started to tear up and I started to tear up, and her mum started to tear up.

It's difficult describing it because it was so unexpected. I don't know how long he put them away whether it was over the last two years or whether he bought them towards the end of his life.

– Owen Williams, Cadi's dad

Ken told neighbours he hoped he'd live until he was 100-years-old to see Cadi grow up.

The family have opened one of the presents.

It is a children's book called Christmas Eve at the Mellops' by Tomi Ungerer.

Credit: Owen Williams

We can tell there's some books, there's three or four soft toys, maybe some Duplo.

Ken was a former salvage diver, seaman, carpenter, baker.

The first time I met him, he was bouncing a 20ft ladder across the face of his house. He was on top. He was 83 at the time.

– Owen Williams

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