A fatberg weighing the equivalent of 133 African bull elephants has been removed from a sewer in Cardiff Bay.

The blockage was caused by a buildup of fat, oil, grease and other items which Welsh Water say have been "illegally put into the sewer". Specialist equipment had to be brought in to remove the fat from a sewer beneath Mermaid Quay.

The work has been ongoing since September. Credit: Welsh Water

The fat clean up is part of a £2 million investment project to repair the sewer running under Stuart Street and Bute Street.

Welsh Water's Managing Director of Wastewater Services said the work had been "challenging" and that they had been working with businesses in Mermaid Quay to make sure fat was being disposed of properly.

The sewer after the fatberg was removed. Credit: Welsh Water

Work on the Mermaid Quay scheme is definitely proving to be a challenging one due to the large volume of fat, grease and oil which had built up in the sewer and caused a number of sewer collapses along Bute Street and Stuart Street. While we know this is a busy area, the sheer volume of this material we’ve taken out of the sewer shows the scale of the issues we are tackling.

Steve Wilson, MD Wastewater Services Welsh Water

With 800 tons of fat removed so far, the work is yet to be finished. The project continues in the New Year.