Hush! It's time for some peace and quiet this Christmas

There are times when we all need a bit of hush!

So says the Archbishop of Wales who in his Christmas message says using the stillness we can remember what lies at the heart of the Christmas story:

Silent night... Credit: PA

The Archbishop says traditional carols don't always have an impact at Christmas as they are so familiar to people. The preparations for Christmas and the New Year are also a distraction from the Christmas message, "noise in places like the streets, the shops, the school, the pub, and just about everywhere else."

Are you now in need of some Christmas hush? Credit: PA

The Archbishops says none of us should underestimate the power we have to make a difference: "Every act of compassion, every deed of generosity, every loving and forgiving act changes the world for someone and for the better.

So, find some hush time, and let the holy child be born in you. I wish you the peace and hope of Christmas and the strength to make a difference in 2019."

The Archbishop will be preaching at Brecon Cathedral On Christmas Day. The service starts at 11am and all are welcome.