A walker who climbed Snowdon for New Year's Eve has apologised for being a "prat" after requiring rescue.

The man, who has not been named, hiked up Wales' highest peak for midnight to herald in the New Year. But he soon became stuck in thick fog without a survival kit and was left "shaking [and] going into shock" as conditions worsened.

The 1085 metre peak in bluer skies. Credit: PA

The New Year reveller texted a friend for help who then contacted Mountain Rescue. Llanberis Mountain Rescue responded to the incident at 1:55am, their first call out of 2019.

In a post on their Facebook page, the team shared an account of the rescue written by the New Year walker. He described how he found himself "open to all the elements" for three hours before his rescuers arrived. The man said "by the time they arrived I wasn't in the best condition by any means" with "the rain and wind and cold [having] taken its toll".

The man was given the once over after reaching a car park near Llyn Padarn. He wrote: "Everything turned out fine, but I was embarrassed and things could have ended far differently. Also, I put the rescue team at risk, I couldn't thank them enough."

Apologising for his decision to climb the peak for New Year, the rescued walker said: "To all my family, and friends, sorry, for being a prat, but I will always be a prat, I'm my own man, but I do promise to listen to all of your precautionary advice in future."