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Staff 'anxious and concerned' about job cut plans at Ford

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Staff are feeling 'anxious and concerned' over the future of their jobs after Ford's plans to cut 1,000 jobs at its site Bridgend.

The First Minister met with Unite representatives at the plant this morning following the news last week.

It is understood there are plans to cut a total of 1,150 job losses in the UK - with almost 1,000 at the Bridgend site - the hardest hit of any of the firms UK Factories.

The plans to cut jobs have been in place since 2017.

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Friday's announcement about the future of Ford and of this plant is causing people to be anxious a about the future. They are concerned about whether their job will be there.

– Mark Drakeford, First Minister

However, although he said that the message he got from the meeting was that Brexit was a 'background factor' in the company's cost cutting plan, he didn't dismiss Brexit's part in fuelling uncertainty about future investment in Wales:

Mr Drakeford emphasised that the Welsh Government will try to persuade Ford to bring more work to Wales in the future.

Ford said it was starting formal consultation with its works council and trade unions, adding that it was committed to working with its key stakeholders over the new strategy.

The announcement came on the same day as Jaguar Land Rover said it was axing 4,500 jobs and Honda said it was halting production for six days after Brexit.

Unite Wales said they 'will not accept a single compulsory redundancy':

Our primary focus is for Ford to provide alternative work and employment. What is essential is a positive commitment from Ford that they are willing to work closely with Unite and Welsh Government to aggressively explore every opportunity there is to find alternative future work for the plant.

Unite has been very clear that we will not accept a single compulsory redundancy of any Unite member.

The proposals as they stand must be reassessed and refocussed on the development of a long term sustainable plan for the plants future.

– Peter Hughes Unite Wales Regional Secretary