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Charity make St David's Day an official holiday for staff

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One Welsh organisation is giving all its staff a day off on St David's Day. Urdd Gobaith Cymru says it is important to celebrate the Welsh identity.

It is the largest organisation for children and young people in Wales with 55,000 members.

The group aims to give children and young people a chance to learn and socialise in the Welsh language.

The organisation says a day off work will gives its staff the opportunity to celebrate St David's Day with family and friends in their local communities or at national events.

As a national organisation that encourages children and young people to be proud of their country, their language and culture, it is important that we lead by example by recognising and celebrating our national identity.

In the current climate, we must be progressive and confident in our identity and St David’s Day is an integral part of our history and culture.

– Siân Lewis, Chief Executive, Urdd Gobaith Cymru

Scotland and Ireland both celebrate their national days with an official bank holiday.

There have been previous proposals by several political parties for St David's Day to be made a bank holiday in the past.