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'Popular' Wrexham football manager Martin Ford found dead at grandmother's house after taking cocaine, inquest hears

Toxicology tests following Mr Ford's death found evidence of significant cocaine use

A popular Wrexham football manager died after taking cocaine, an inquest has heard.

Martin Paul Ford, manager of FC Queen's Park, was found dead at his grandmother's house in May last year.

An inquest in Wrexham heard he had gone there following an argument with his wife a few days before.

The day before he died, he was complaining of being hot, was drinking a lot of fluids and had taken three showers.

At 5.15am in the morning on May 7 last year, Mr Ford was heard shouting downstairs and eventually went to bed and was seen lying on his back.

He was later found not breathing when his grandmother Delia Douglas went to check on him later that morning.

Toxicology tests found evidence of significant cocaine use. Effects of taking the class A drug can include high blood pressure, hallucinations and the brain unable to communicate with the heart properly.

Dr Owen-Casey concluded it was not clear when and how much of the drug he had taken, but it had impacted his body resulting in his death.

Coroner for North Wales East and Central, John Gittins, recorded a conclusion the death was drug-related and extended his condolences to the family.