Doggy diet for podgy pug weighing same as toddler

Credit: PA

Meet Sugar, the podgy pug going on a doggy diet.

Weighing in at 1st 12lb, Sugar is double the size she should be after her previous owner did not exercise her.

Now the 12-year-old pug has found a new home with Steve Jones from Caerphilly. He's determined to get Sugar down to a healthy weight and improve her quality of life.

In the eight months Sugar has been with her new owner, the dog has managed to shed a kilogram. But her health problems remain, in a recent round of dental work giving the pug anaesthetic was a much higher risk because of her size.

Two-year-old Bo, a PDSA Pet Fit Club finalist. Credit: PDSA/PA Archive/PA Images

Mr Jones has enrolled Sugar in the annual PDSA Pet Fit Club competition and has sought the help of vet staff at Cardiff PDSA Pet Hospital in getting the plump pug fit.

He said his other dog Winston, a Bichon Frise, has up to four walks a day but slows down for Sugar's sake.

"I take Sugar out as well but we have to go at her pace and it takes a lot longer so she is walked once a day at the moment," said Mr Jones.

"Since she's had her bad teeth removed she seems healthier and happier, so we're going to try and increase her exercise."

PDSA vet Olivia Anderson-Nathan said: "Obesity has been a huge problem among UK pets for a number of years and sadly there is no sign of improvement.

The PDSA described obesity as "one of the biggest long-term health concerns for our pet population".