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How one school in Newport opened despite the snow

St Joseph's R.C Primary School was the only school in Newport to fully open. Credit: ITV Wales

A primary school in Newport was one of only fifty schools in the city to fully open after heavy snow forced families to cancel plans and stay at home.

St Joseph's R.C Primary School welcomed more than sixty pupils amid the worst weather of the year. The only other school in Newport which opened was St Woolos Primary, although it was unable to offer any food at lunchtime.

Jane Beckett, The Head Teacher at St Joseph's, said "I text all the staff at 6am. They all got back to me to say they could get in. The caretaker was already in and said the roads were okay. So I wanted to open the school and welcome the children."

"The children are a bit disappointed. They've asked if they can get out in the snow and we will try and get them out later on if there are enough staff."

Students reluctantly ready to learn. Credit: ITV Wales
Meanwhile the rest of the city's children enjoy a snow day. Credit: ITV Wales

Parents expressed mixed views dropping their children off, with some struggling with roads and others having to stay at home to look after older children whose schools had been cancelled.

One student remarked they felt "really, really sad" to be in school, but with a bit of luck and an early finish, they won't miss out too much.