A football league for men looking to lose weight has taken off in Cardiff, with one player having lost seven stone.

The "Man v Fat" league rewards players for losing weight before they even step onto the pitch. Team members have a weigh in before they play and receive guidance from their team trainer and nutritionist.

Each player has a weigh in and can win points before playing football.

The Man V Fat organisers say 95% of participants lose weight at the club.

It's always been difficult for us fellas to go it alone and do it by ourselves. It's what we tend to do. They can come down, be part of a community with other guys who are going through the same thing or have been through the same thing. The results show that is does actually work.

Nas Suleman, Man v Fat trainer and nutritionist

Players in Cardiff say the club keeps them motivated to lose weight and stay fit. James Stanford says he's lost seven stone since he started to play: "You do let people down if you don't lose weight".

He said making weight loss competitive was motivational. "That extra focus that blokes sometimes need, gamifying it, and making it more competitive, is really effective".

The league has four teams including the "The Red Chubbernauts". The new season kicks off on February 14 2019.