Hundreds of pupils demand climate change action

Hundreds of students from across Wales have mounted an anti-climate change protest outside the Senedd in Cardiff Bay.

Pupils took the day off school to demand that politicians and policy makers take more notice of what they say is a deepening crisis for the planet.

The march was organised by UK Student's Climate Network (UKSCN).

The environmental organisation is based in London, led by students, but is not only for students, it says. It says it's "fighting for every plant, animal, ocean, land mass, on this planet, and for the very future of the Earth itself.

"I'm here to show the youth care about climate change because it is our future. We're adding numbers to the voices going on around the world. It's not being taken as seriously as it should", one student at the protest told ITV Wales.

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Banners called attention to what protesters called a "climate emergency", with many carrying slogans saying,"I've lost my cool" and "make earth cool again".

The protest was part of a nationwide movement calling for action.

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The Welsh Government said young people can shape the debate in order to "strengthen our response to climate change."

“We support many activities that provide opportunities for young people to contribute to tackling climate change, including the Eco Schools programme which operates in 95% of all Welsh schools - one of the highest participation rates in the world.

“Ultimately, we want all our young people to be ethical, informed and valued members of society and these are the very same principles that will guide our new curriculum.”