Former Labour MP Kim Howells says he is 'very doubtful' he would vote for party in a scathing attack

A former Welsh Labour MP who served the last Labour government says he's doubtful of voting for the party again.

Kim Howells was Labour MP for Pontypridd from 1989 until he stood down in 2010.

Now the former Foreign Office Minister says he doesn't blame Labour MPs for doubting their loyalties to a Jeremy Corbyn led party.

Kim Howells stood down as a Labour MP in 2010 Credit: ITV Wales

Kim Howells says Jeremy Corbyn's past political associations are harming Labour, calling him "completely useless."

Why would anyone want to vote for someone who supports the IRA and Hamas and who can't make a decision to save his life?

– Kim Howells

Kim Howells successor in Pontypridd is Owen Smith. He has publicly questioned his future in Labour - at odds with the leadership's Brexit position.

It had been rumoured he could be among the MPs quitting the party.

Tonight he remains in Labour.

But at the Tonyrefail Workingmen's Club in his constituency we found plenty of traditional Labour voters uneasy with the party.

Here Labour's problems can be summed up in two words: Brexit/Corbyn.

Pontypridd sits in Rhondda Cynon Taff which voted leave in 2016.

In the club I meet Stuart and his friends.

He doesn't have a problem with Jeremy Corbyn and calls on Labour MPs to support him. But he doesn't want any stalling on Brexit.

Stuart Nash supports the Labour Leader and Brexit Credit: ITV Wales

His friends agree on Brexit but not Corbyn.

"I like him as a fella, but I don't think he's a leader" said Des.

"He'll go and talk to the IRA but he won't talk to his own bloody Prime Minister" said Gwyn.

Glyn supports Brexit unlike his local MP Owen Smith Credit: ITV Wales

Glyn says he won't vote for Labour while Jeremy Corbyn is in charge but his main focus is Brexit. He's a supporter and call on all MPs to back it.

"If they were backing Theresa May we should have had a good deal."

But when asked what Owen Smith, the local Remain supporting MP should do, Glyn is clear: "Resign."

In this club, Labour seems torn in all directions.

Mick Antoniw is a strong supporter of Jeremy Corbyn but acknowledges there are problems Credit: ITV Wales

"There are is a generational issue with people not sympathetic towards Jeremy" says Mick Antoniw, Pontypridd's Assembly Member.

He's a big Corbyn supporter but says the party has been here before.

"We were in this position when Theresa May called the General Election. There was a massive turnabout and in fact Labour won seats."

– Mick Antoniw, Labour AM for Pontypridd

It is not clear if any Welsh Labour MP is about to quit the party.

Some believe the Welsh Labour brand is a shield that disaffected MPs can protect themselves with.

But speaking to voters and ex MPs in Pontypridd it's clear that all is not rosie with Labour.