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Public bodies need to 'ramp up' no-deal Brexit preparations says report

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A report by the Auditor General for Wales says public bodies need to 'ramp up' their 'no-deal' Brexit preparations.

It found that many public services have made only limited preparations so far and says that uncertainty 'cannot be an excuse for inaction.'

Public bodies across Wales have identified areas of risk including;

  • ports;
  • medical supply chains;
  • food supply chains;
  • workforce;
  • financial risks;
  • legislation;
  • agricultural exports;
  • economic impacts;
  • wider well-being.

It says that whilst key areas of risk have been identified by public bodies, the amount of planning to mitigate these varies 'significantly'.

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The report also found that Brexit planning has spurred organisations to work across traditional boundaries, but says more should be done to take a 'one public service' approach to planning and preparations, including planning and managing risks together, sharing expertise and exchanging lessons learned.

Brexit is an unprecedented peacetime challenge for everyone across the Welsh public services, and I'm very much aware that there's no 'off the shelf' manual for handling this and that the Welsh Government has been clear that it won't be possible to mitigate all of the impacts of a no-deal Brexit.

That's why I don't expect every public body to have exhaustive plans for every implication, risk and opportunity.

But with just weeks to go to a possible 'no-deal' Brexit, it's clear that public bodies still have much to do to prepare themselves and the Welsh public.

The key messages in my report should act as a spur to strengthen and accelerate planning across Wales.

– Adrian Crompton, Auditor General for Wales