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Meet Ivor Rogers: The man who has been pumping petrol for 60 years

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Ivor Rogers has worked in the Forge Garage near Usk since he was ten.

Now 74 years old, he could be forgiven for beginning to plan his retirement, but Ivor says he's not ready to stop quite yet.

Alongside his colleague of more than 15 years, Steve Davies, Ivor is one of the few remaining forecourt fuel pump attendants left in Wales.

Self-service technology and automation has largely removed the need for people like them.

But in the rural village of Llantrisant on the outskirts of Usk, Ivor continues to fill up cars to the exact penny with ease.

But what's his secret?

What you must do is never think you want £10. You must think, well I want to get to £9, and then count up from £9 to £9:90 and then go very, very slowly through the last three numbers and you should get it spot on!

– Ivor Rogers, owner of Forge Garage
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Pump attendants were commonplace in the 1950s and 60s - but this garage has a history all of its own.

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It was built in 1895 by my great grandfather, it was handed down through my family to my grandfather, and then to my father, and then to me... quite a long time.

– Ivor Rogers

This is the anvil which Ivor's great-grandfather used to make horseshoes.

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Even at 74 years old, Ivor isn't ready to hang up his pumps just yet.

It's coming up to my retirement, but I don't intend to for a while.

It's a nice living, we're out in a pleasant atmosphere in the countryside with sheep and cattle all round us.

So I enjoy it.

– Ivor Rogers
Credit: ITV News