Story-telling event by drag queen aims to teach children acceptance

A drag-queen story-telling event in North Wales is teaching children the importance of acceptance and love as part of LGBT history month.

Panto dame and drag act Mama G has been touring libraries during the during half-term.

She says it's important for children to understand that it's "okay to love who you want":

Be who you are and love who you want, I think that's really important for children to understand. It's about introducing the idea that you can be other and you're allowed to love whoever you want. Even if you don't turn out to be a prince who loves another prince, you can grow up understanding that other princes will love other princes.

Mama G, Panto dame

Similar events have caused controversy across the UK and the US.

But Denbighshire County Council said it help highlight services and support available:

Story Time with Mama G is part of a series of events we are running for LGBT History Month. This is to highlight the services, support and activities in the area for the LGBT community. This will be Mama G's second visit after a very successful first visit last year.

Denbighshire County Council