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How ballet is easing the symptoms of people with living with Parkinson's disease

The Dance for Parkinson's class takes place at the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

People living with Parkinson's disease are finding relief from their symptoms through ballet.

The disease depletes brain cells affecting the nervous system, and can lead to a number of complications in the way we move, speak and sleep.

But now a programme in Cardiff is offering dance lessons to help patients regain control of their bodies.

Angela Harrison was diagnosed with Parkinson's nine years ago Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

Angela Harrison was first diagnosed with Parkinson's disease nine years ago.

She comes to the Dance for Parkinson's class at the Wales Millennium Centre every week - and says the dancing is a chance to forget about the daily challenges of the disease.

"I come in feeling like a little old lady", she told ITV Wales. "But I leave here feeling quite tall.

"It makes me feel I can cope better, I can walk better... it's the best medicine. It would be lovely if you didn't have to take all the others".

Dance instructor Yvette Halfhide says for some class members, the results can be "transformational".

"They come in perhaps with stooped posture, by the end they're much more lifted, much more open.

"For others, it's just having the confidence in themselves to feel that they are able to perhaps try different movements that they wouldn't have had the confidence to do beforehand".