Welsh Labour MP reveals how a trip to the barbers exposed his skin cancer

Credit: PA

A Welsh Labour MP has spoken for the first time about the experience finding out he had skin cancer, which he only discovered after getting a haircut.

Chris Bryant, the MP for the Rhondda, had skin grafts and staples in the back of his head after a stage three melanoma was removed.

The MP posted an image on his Twitter account showing the scar after his operation. Credit: Chris Bryant/Twitter

The 57-year-old's surgery took place in the Prince Charles Hospital in Merthyr Tydfil and he praised the Welsh NHS for the speed at which he was seen and treated.

The MP posted an image on his Twitter account showing the extent of the operation to remove the melanoma from his head.

The politician is now urging others to get any unusual moles and spots on their skin to be checked out.

Welsh Labour sent Mr Bryant MP a message of support after he revealed his near death experience of skin cancer.

What is Melanoma?

  • It is the most dangerous form of skin cancer.

  • Cancerous growths develop when un-repaired DNA damage to skin cells trigger defects that lead skin cells to multiply and form tumours.

  • The majority of melanomas are black or brown, but they can also be skin-coloured, pink, red, purple, blue or white

  • Melanoma is caused mainly by intense, occasional UV exposure, especially in those who are genetically predisposed to the disease.