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Teen with cerebral palsy who's applied for more than 70 jobs says she won't give up

  • Video report by ITV Wales reporter Max Walsh

A teenager with cerebral palsy who has completed more than 70 job applications says she won't stop until she gets a job.

Nikita Greedy, from Cardiff, achieved 14 GCSEs but has struggled to get a part time job while she finishes college.

She believes she's being discriminated against because of her wheelchair.

"It makes me feel a bit down because I don't see why anyone in my position should be any different", Nikita told ITV Wales.

"As long as you've got the qualifications then I don't see the problem."

Nikita has applied for more than 70 jobs Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

Despite sending off numerous applications, Nikita says she has only managed to secure a handful of interviews. She believes many of those were gained by not mentioning her wheelchair.

"It is very frustrating", she said.

"You can tell when you go into the interviews, the way they look at you. You can tell the problem".

Nikita's experiences are not unusual. A recent survey of 1000 disabled people in Wales found more than half believed they were not treated equally in the workplace.

"It's a worrying trend", said Julie Cook from the Wales TUC.

"Things haven't improved for disabled people, despite the legislation, workplace policies, we're still in this position and that's exactly what our survey has portrayed.

"It is a really big issue, here in Wales in particular".