University of South Wales shuts down men's rugby teams amid conduct concerns

The University of South Wales has temporarily shut down all of its competitive men's rugby teams amid allegations of "cumulative unacceptable behaviours".

In a statement, the USW Students' Union said several students had been suspended from the university while reports into a number of concerns were investigated.

South Wales Police has confirmed an investigation is underway.

A police spokesperson said: "We have received information from staff at the University of South Wales and the matter is being investigated."

A statement on the USW Student's Union website read: "The Students’ Union regrets having to take the unusual step of suspending the competitive Men’s Rugby teams from all associated activities.

"This is as a consequence of alleged cumulative unacceptable behaviours, and allows us the time to investigate properly."

Members of the university's women's team have not been implicated in the allegations, nor have any members of the USW coaching staff.

A spokesperson for USW said: "It has come to the university’s attention that some individuals involved in competitive men’s student rugby may have engaged in conduct incompatible with that expected of all members of the University community.

"These concerns have been reported to the Students’ Union, the university, and to the Police who are carrying out appropriate investigations. Reports to other relevant agencies have also been provided.

"A number of students have been suspended from the university and all competitive men’s student rugby activity is on hold while the concerns are investigated.

"USW holds members of the University community to the highest standards of personal behaviour and we have zero tolerance of behaviour that falls below that standard."