Vicar asks for his church's bells to be stopped at night because they're keeping him awake

A vicar has asked if his church's clock chimes could be turned off at night because they're keeping him awake.

The Reverend David Parry has written to Conwy town council saying the chimes from the 19th century clock at his St Mary's church may also be disturbing other residents, businesses and tourists.

In response, the town council hand-delivered a questionnaire to 400 residents and businesses asking for their views about the clock, which chimes every 15 minutes between 12.15am and 6.15am.

The questionnaire asked if the clock chimes were "annoying and unnecessary", whether they affected local businesses, or whether they are part of the town's "character".

Mr Parry said he was 'pleased' the council had decided to canvass opinion.

Reverend David Parry

He said: "If it was me in charge of the clock I would have switched the chimes off overnight, as they aren't necessary and do cause a disturbance to my family as we live very close by.

"I'm also concerned as Conwy relies so much on tourism that if tourists can't sleep at night, they will not come back to the town.

But some residents don't agree.

Conwy resident Audrey Barker said: "I don’t know anyone in the neighbourhood, living within the town walls or anyone that I know of is in favour of silencing the chimes during nighttime hours."

Natasha Flint, Conwy Town clerk, revealed 200 questionnaires have been returned.

Ms Flint said: "We've had around six or seven people against the chimes, but the vast majority are in favour, we will be discussing the matter on Monday".

St Mary's Church in Conwy dates back to the 12th century, and the 19th century clock tower was gifted to the town by Lord Penrhyn.