'Down's syndrome won't hold me back'

  • "If people have Down's syndrome, they may find it harder to be more independent. But it will not stop you, because it hasn't stopped me"

Matthew Purnell has lived independently in Cardiff for almost three years.

He has two jobs and enjoys uploading videos to his YouTube channel telling jokes.

Matthew works at the National Museum of Wales and a restaurant

As a child, Matthew attended mainstream school and says his teachers supported him and his learning disability.

Matthew said his parents have always supported him since he was a child Credit: Family photo

"I really enjoyed school. I had loads of help and loads of friends to hang out with. My brother was in school with me as well which was good. I enjoyed Drama and Maths and English"

Matthew said he has always wanted to be as independent as possible and said his parents have always encouraged him to do that.

Credit: Family photo

They've been such wonderful parents to look after me with my disability.

Matthew Purnell