Voters won't support Brexit or 'broken Westminster parties', says Plaid leader

Plaid Cymru is meeting for its spring conference at the height of a political crisis over Brexit and its impact on Westminster politics. The party's leader, Adam Price, is encouraged by recent movement in the opinion polls and is trying to offer an alternative to disillusioned voters.

Wales voted for the UK to leave the European Union in the 2016 referendum but Mr Price claims that there's now been decisive shift in Welsh public opinion, towards Plaid Cymru's pro-EU position and away from what he calls "the broken politics of Westminster".

Ahead of Adam Price's speech to conference, Plaid Cymru will be launching a "not a penny less" demand to the UK Government. The party is calling for Wales to get regional aid from the Treasury that's worth at least as much as the current European programmes. The EU money totals about £2 billion over seven years.