Couple engaged after magical Harry Potter beach proposal

A man surprised his girlfriend with an elaborate Harry Potter themed proposal on a beach in Tenby.

Ben Griffith's girlfriend, Nia Roderick, is a Harry Potter fan so he knew the perfect way to propose

He enlisted the help of Pembrokeshire-based sand artist, Mark Treanaor, who carved the Hogwarts crest from the series into the sand with the words 'will you marry me?' in Welsh

And she said yes!

The couple have known each other for 12 years

Nia explained: "We'd been for a walk and then went in a pub and Ben said 'I need some fresh air, I don't feel good' so I went running after him - and then I saw it.

"I've always wanted to see Marc's work on the beach and when I saw it I just thought 'wow'. It's amazing and I didn't expect it at all."

The couple have been together for three and a half years and met at Aberthaw Power Station where they both work.

The artwork took three hours to create

Ben said he wanted his proposal to be different.

"I knew it was something that she liked and I thought it would be unique."

Artist, Marc Treanor, was happy to be asked to help but said it was a busy day.

"I started doing it when the tide was out at about 11am and finished at 2pm.

"There was lots of running around but it's been a perfect day."