Dad goes viral after pranking gamer son with rabbit water bottle

Credit: Kristian Wilkes

A dad from Ebbw Vale has gone viral after sharing his nifty solution to his son's habit of leaving empty cups and glasses in his room.

Fed up of tidying up after Logan's video gaming sessions, dad Kristian played a practical joke on his son. He bought a rabbit feeding bottle and attached it to Logan's bed!

Young Logan took his Dad's practical joke well! Credit: Kristian Wilkes

Posting a picture of his solution on Facebook, Kristian said:

"Fed up of the boy calling down demanding drinks when he's playing on his playstation... Best £2.50 I've spent."

The post has had plenty of support with over 6500 likes and 17,000 shares already.

33-year-old Kristian said his son "found it funny and wanted to use it that night".

He added: "I didn't realise the post was public until the next day. I woke up and saw it had thousands of comments and shares."

Logan's dad said he does get 'out and about and is not lazy!' Credit: Kristian Wilkes

The single dad-of-two did add that not all the comments had been supportive, with some calling 8-year-old Logan "lazy" and calling for him to stop playing video games.

Kristian said: "He is not demanding. He's very polite and is a very active little boy who is always out and about... He just likes to play his computer for an hour or two in the evenings".

Kristian, known as Goose, said he was just 'having a laugh'. Credit: Kristian Wilkes

Kristian's parenting hack has gone worldwide with his pictures also appearing on an Australian news website.

Surprised by the reaction, both negative and positive, Kristian is still happy with his clever thinking:

"I still think it's a clever idea!"