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Church in Abergavenny opens its doors for Brexit prayers as political deadlock continues

A church in Abergavenny has held a special day of prayer for people concerned about Brexit, on the day which had been earmarked for Britain to leave the European Union.

St Mary’s Priory Church said the day was for everyone, regardless of their views, in an effort to heal the "anxiety and division" caused by the Brexit process.

"There's certainly many divisions within the community, which are a worry to many of us", said Canon Mark Soady.

"There's a lot of anxiety around over Brexit and the concerns about what the future holds".

The Brexit Day of Prayer was held on the day the UK was due to leave the EU Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

On Friday, MPs voted to reject Theresa May's Brexit deal for a third time, plunging the country into further uncertainty.

It means the default position now is for the UK to leave on April 12, with or without a deal.

Speaking after the results of the vote were announced, the Prime Minister said the implications of the vote were "grave".

St Mary's Priory Church, in Abergavenny, encouraged people of all views to come together in prayer Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

Members of the congregation at St Mary's Priory Church expressed a range of concerns about the current political deadlock.

"Where will be next week?", said Amanda Dore.

"Hopefully all will be well, but you can only pray for this. And prayer is what we need".