Crowds gathered in Cardiff to raise awareness of endometriosis, a condition which affects nearly 10% of women and girls around the world.

Worldwide EndoMarch is a global event which brings together thousands of supporters across the world.

On Saturday women marched through the Welsh capital in yellow.

Endometriosis is a painful, life-impacting disease which can cause severe pain, infertility, chronic fatigue and other debilitating symptoms.

It is thought to affect as many as one in ten girls and women worldwide and currently there is no cure for it.

A wall in a Cardiff Bay cafe is home to the second 'Endo Wall' in the city.

Credit: Jamie Rae - EndoWall

Sunflower & I in Mount Stuart Square has an awareness wall, adorned with a yellow flower.

It has over 1000 names of those living with endometriosis and those that have lost their lives to it. It was created by Jaimee Rae, who has the condition.

I began spraying the side of my last house in March 2017, out of pure frustration and desperation to be heard and believed by the doctors. I felt there had to be something that I could do to try and help raise awareness. The EndoWall was born, shedding a positive visual light on to this negative 'invisible' disease. Letting those suffering know that they are not alone and those supporting know that they truly do give us strength. Before I knew it messages were flooding in from EndoWarriors all over the world.

Jaimee Rae, creator

Similar endometriosis marches took place in Llandudno and Swansea.