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Eight-year-old speaks out about grieving for her 'best friend' after losing dad to suicide

Credit: Family photo

Eight-year-old Lacey-Maria from Llanelli lost her dad to suicide last year.

She spoke to ITV News about how she wants to help other children to manage their grief.

Her father Richard was 27 when he took his own life. He had been battling depression but his family didn't know how bad it had become.

He was the best person in the world. After I got told I had lost him it just broke my heart. I just thought how am I never going to see my best friend.

He might not be there but he’s always going to be there to me. So when we go down to the grave I feel like he’s holding my hand saying: "I love you I know you’re going to get through this." And it just make me feel like know he’s always going to be there.

– Lacey-Maria Williams Rees

Lacey-Maria says she doesn't want the same thing to happen to other dads.

Now she plans to help other children who have lost parents.

I’m not just alone there are other people who have lost their fathers or mothers or both.

I’m going to make a group for children who have lost their parents. And we’re going to tell them that it’s okay to tell people how you feel that you’re going to miss them and it’s okay to cry in front of people. People don’t have to just be quiet about them having pain from losing someone that they love they need to just say about it.

And they need to tell people so people can help them get through it.

– Lacey-Maria Williams-Rees

Mum Kelsey says she's proud of her daughter and reminds her about her dad everyday.

He will always be spoken about.

I tell Lacey everyday, I've promised to remind her everyday how much he loves her.

– Kelsey Rees

Lacey-Maria and Kelsey are backing a new suicide prevention pledge card which has been designed to make it easier for men to talk to friends and family.

It's called the Pledge and it is being backed by former Wales goalkeeper Neville Southall.

If you have been affected by this issue and need some support the Samaritans are available 24 hours a day on 116 123 or through their website.