Knife crime victim: 'I'm lucky to be alive'

A man from Barry said he is "lucky to be alive" after he was stabbed after trying to stop a fight.

It comes as a summit on youth violence is being held at Downing Street this week. On Monday, government plans announced teachers, nurses and police officers could be held accountable for failing to "spot warning signs" of violent crime among young people.

22-year-old Louis Mills is one of the many victims of violent crime on the rise in Wales. In December, he was stabbed, by what he believes was a screwdriver, after he intervened in an altercation on Broad Street.

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He says he's lucky to have survived the attack.

Theresa May said stop and search is an "important tool" in the fight against knife related crime.

All four of Wales’ police forces reported an rise in incidents in the last three years. Figures obtained through a freedom of information request made by ITV Wales, revealed South Wales Police saw the highest increase in Wales.

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